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The Joy Factor

Online Math Empowerment Club

The Joy Factor specializes in providing fun, simple, and engaging mathematics activities to children in grades 4th-8th online every month via Zoom. Our goal is to "Bring Mathematics to Life!"

Math Support

Online Courses, Books, and Tutorials

As a certified math educator with over 20 years of experience, my passion for teaching math allows students to have fun while they learn. Our digital products will launch in October 2021. Sign up for our mailing list today!

Empowering Speaker

Speaking Engagements

Tiana Myers fascinating story on how to "Never Give Up on… YOU" will encourage moms, students, and entrepreneurs to find their true passions and talents that live within themselves.  She tells how she had to fight through depression of a miscarriage and many more of life’s challenges to live her “Best Life, yet!” Book her today to empower and encourage your club, students, organizations, or colleges.

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