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Meet Tiana Myers

With exceptional leadership skills and a talent for math education, it’s no surprise

that entrepreneurial mastermind Tiana Myers has made it her mission to inspire

and empower others to discover their true passions, so they can excel at what they



Tiana Myers is a serial entrepreneur.  Tiana is on a mission to educate, empower, and encourage all walks of life, ages, and organizations to thrive beyond any obstacles by tapping into their greatness within. 


With an extensive expertise background in education and impressive entrepreneurial success, Tiana is uniquely qualified to guide others on their path to greatness. She has transformed countless students’ lives as an educator.  Tiana also uses her passions to empower teams through speaking and organizational leadership. 


Although her background is remarkable, Tiana considers being a mother of 2 Kings. She uses her brand to preserve a legacy for her daughter, whom is no longer with us, to be among one of her greatest achievements.


As an in-demand Speaker, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur, she uses her passion and dedication to overcoming obstacles and thrive. Tiana draws from her own devastating losses and glorious wins to help others succeed! Taylor Joy Productions, LLC was founded from the lost of her daughter. Her goal is to encourage other Women and Entrepreneurs not to allow life devastating situations stop them from building your business and creating generational wealth.

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